Schools Carpet Fitting in Solihull

Carpets are much more beneficial than you think and are perfect for school class rooms, meeting areas and staff rooms. Keep reading to find out some wonderful benefits of carpets that students and teachers have been enjoying for decades.

A Long History Of Creating Beautiful Spaces

With over 20 years of experience, Solihull Carpets is a family business that is committed to satisfying customers. We provide the very best carpet fitters Solihull service available.

The company employs its own fitters, so homeowners can rest assured that they will receive personalised carpet fitting in Solihull that puts their needs first.


Carpets are now more sustainable

Technology keeps advancing and that is why carpets can now be recycled instead of sending them to the landfill. After a comprehensive study, one carpet manufacturer discovered that about 85% of the over 100 million pounds of worn out carpets retrieved have been recycled into new carpets. That means there is less need for raw materials. In a few words, carpets are now more eco-friendly and more cost-effective.


They promote good health

Most of the recently manufactured carpets have the ability to trap contaminants, dust, and allergens instead of allowing them to fly around. You only need to run your vacuum cleaner through the carpets of your school and the allergens are completely gone.


Ease of maintenance

Carpets are easier to clean than hard surface floors. This is why it costs less to maintain a carpet. In fact, IICRC once reported that over time, it will cost less to clean and maintain carpets than hard surface floors.

Carpets look great!

Make your schools and classrooms look great! Solihull Carpets supply a wide variety of colours and colour combinations in an even wider variety of patterns.


This gives you a chance to match the colours of your walls or the colours of your school. Solihull Carpets will give your whole school and classrooms a touch of classy elegance. 

Carpet fitting throughout schools in Solihull & Birmingham

In addition to the fantastic features we've listed about carpets above, there are even more reasons to have carpet fitted fitted throughout your school:

  • They offer acoustic advantage and promote energy efficiency. Several studies have shown that carpets absorb sounds. More importantly, they promote energy efficiency. While hard floors make your class rooms colder, carpets offer warmth. They contribute to the insulation of your home, office, store, or classroom. 

  • We are expert carpet fitters and have lots of carpets available to purchase in store (or we can come to you for a free consultation). As beneficial as they are, carpets aren’t so easy to fit. You'll need to hire an expert to fit. Isn't it better if you purchase your carpet from a supplier that will not only deliver it, but also fit it in all your classrooms? We are that company!

  • Excellent value for money. Just like when purchasing anything, you need to get the best deal possible. You have to balance quality with your budget. Both our carpets and fitting services are great value for money.

you don’t have to waste your time searching through the internet. Solihull Carpets is all you need.


We offer a wide range of high quality carpets and flooring at great prices and we are expert carpet fitters. Depending on the size of your school and amount of class rooms, we may be able to provide further discounts.

For more information about our schools carpet fitting service or for free quotes, you can contact us on 0121 745 1153.

Professional Carpet Fitting

We directly employ our own fitters, resulting in a personal & efficient service.

Lots of stock to choose from

We stock lots of styles, colours and textures. We have what you need.

Quick turn around times 

Visit us in-store, choose your carpet, agree a price and we fit within 14 days!

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